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Note: This page is for the artist '60 ft. Dolls' and does not represent '60' featuring Dolls.


Pig ValentineEdit

Pig valentine
Date Status Position
04/11/1995 DEBUT 95


Stay 60 ft dolls
Date Status Position
03/02/1996 DEBUT 48
10/02/1996 down 46 94

Talk To MeEdit

Talk to me 60 ft dolls
Date Status Position
11/05/1996 DEBUT 37
18/05/1996 down 52 89

Happy ShopperEdit

Happy shopper
Date Status Position
20/07/1996 DEBUT 38
27/07/1996 down 43 81

Alison's RoomEdit

Alison's room
Date Status Position
09/05/1998 DEBUT 61


The Big 3Edit

The big 3
Date Status Position
08/06/1996 DEBUT 36
15/06/1996 down 30 66

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