Singles and Albums listed here only count if they appeared on the Official Chart and on the Chart Update. For example, Single A was number 3 on Sunday but on the Chart Update was 31. Singles climbing from outside the top 40 including new entries or re-entries do not count, they had to have been already in the top 40. Singles appearing on the top 40 on the Chart Update and ending up outside the top 40 also count. The change in position must be 12 places or more.

  1. Ash - Embers (23 to 79) [56 places]
  2. Peace - Money (40 to 66) [26 places]
  3. Christopher Wilde ft. Stubby - Hero (39 to 61) [22 places]
  4. Delirious? - History Makers (40 to 61) [21 places]
  5. My Time - K Koke ft. Bridget Kelly (39 to 52) [13 places]

For a Number OneEdit


On the 30/10/2013 Chart Update, Story Of My Life by One Direction debuted at #1 and ended at 4 on 09/11/2013. The actual number one turned out to be The Monster by Eminem, which was 9 in the previous Chart Update.

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