From the first UK Singles Chart (15/11/1952) to mid 1954 the charts were compiled such that if there was a tie for two or more singles, they would both be at the same numbered position, and that the position number after it would be after the two identical position numbers. This way of compiling the charts were abandoned some time in mid 1954.



  • 7. (NEW) Vera Lynn - Forget Me Not (Peak: 7) (Wks: 1)
  • 7. (NEW) Frankie Laine - High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me) (Peak: 7) (Wks: 1)
  • 8. (NEW) Ray Martin - Blue Tango (Peak: 8) (Wks: 1)
  • 8. (NEW) Doris Day and/ft. Frankie Laine - Sugarbush (Peak: 8) (Wks: 1)
  • 11. (NEW) Mario Lanza - Because You're Mine (Peak: 11) (Wks: 1)
  • 11. (NEW) Max Bygraves - Cowpuncher's Cantata (Peak: 11) (Wks: 1)



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