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Looking After Number OneEdit

Mary Of The Fourth FormEdit

She's So ModernEdit

Like ClockworkEdit

Rat TrapEdit

I Don't Like MondaysEdit

Original releaseEdit
1994 releaseEdit
02/07/1994 DEBUT 38
09/07/1994 down 15 53

Diamond SmilesEdit

Someone's Looking At YouEdit

Banana RepublicEdit

The Elephant's Graveyard (Guilty)Edit

Never In A Million VoicesEdit

House On FireEdit


Drag Me DownEdit


A Hold Of MeEdit


Boomtown RatsEdit

Tonic For The TroopsEdit

The Fine Art Of SurfacingEdit

Mondo BongoEdit

V DeepEdit

Loudmouth - The Best OfEdit

09/07/1994 DEBUT 10
16/07/1994 down 11 21
23/07/1994 down 21 42

The Best Of Boomtown RatsEdit

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