• Hey all :)

    Now that the Official Charts Company has (finally) decided to introduce top 100 chart runs, I no longer feel the need for this wiki. Thanks to all who took part in archiving the work, particularly Taylor Jago and NicholasBBQ32. Unless I have missed anything, I don't think there is any purpose for this wiki that OCC are not doing currently, therefore I will no longer be helping out. For anyone who is interested in talking about the charts, seeing other stats and sales data and personal charts, I strongly recommend the forum Buzzjack.

    Here is OCC's new site. It'll let you look up singles, artists and let you see its top 100 chart run. If only they did this sooner, we wouldn't have to have wasted so many hours of our time!

    An example of a chart run:

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    • It seems they aren't archiving sales only chart runs. Hmmmm...

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    • It was great having you here, Hotchoc.

      I may still do my own charts on the wiki.

      I will look into OCC's site soon.

      When I saw the title of the post, I thought the OCC have found out about the wiki

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    • Well as I said, I may stick around to archive the sales only runs if OCC isn't doing them. I already archive my charts on Buzzjack anyway :D

      I just don't see the point of coming here to update the charts! Taylor still seems to be doing it though :D

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    • I did look at OCC's site and I was thrilled to see them doing full Top 100 runs before 16.06.2007.

      However, there aren't any 76-100 runs for 13/09/1992-05/02/1994, that's OK since we have the data for those single runs from UKMix.

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    • From what I can tell, the wiki can still be useful for the chart updates, since occ seem to only archive it going back 18 weeks.

      Also, it seems to show the last week posiitons for the previous chart update as well as archive it, which is rather odd!

      Obviously you can still work on the missing charts since occ will very unlikely be archiving that! There's also a few other things but I can't really help with much more.

      I'm hoping occ will archive the sales only chart runs too!

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    • The 76-100 chart runs on OCC's site seem to be different from the Chartwatch 76-100 runs.

      For example:

      • 10th Planet - Strings Of Life
      • Chartwatch (30.09.1995: 85)
      • OCC (30.09.1995: 80-90)

      Some of the hits that dropped out from the Top 75 but stayed in the Top 100 in Chartwatch's runs, drop out within the Top 100 in OCC's runs.

      • Michael moog - That Sound
      • Chartwatch (11.12.1999: 32-59-83-99-91-97)
      • OCC (11.12.1999: 32-59)

      They even include hits that didn't make it to the Top 100 on Chartwatch's runs. For example,

      • 18 Wheeler's "Grease" peaked at 123 in Chartwatch's runs, but in OCC's runs, it peaked at 94.
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