1. Use the Random Number Generator
    2. Pick a number from 1 to 27.
    3. The number corresponds to a letter of the alphabet (a is 1 and z is 26, and numbers/symbols etc. are 27)
    4. Then go to the List of Artists page for your letter/number page.
    5. Pick a random number again out of the number of artists pages there are on that for that letter.
    6. The random number represents one of those artists on that page (the top most one is 1 etc.)
    7. Go to that artist's page and count how many singles they have (if they have more than 1, otherwise that is the single you have got)
    8. The other player does the same steps, and the players decide who gets first call.
    9. Player 1 chooses a category from the list below:
    • Peak
    • Weeks on top 10/40/100
    • Biggest climb/fall
    • Highest debut
    • Biggest dropout

    For example, for Bang Bang by, the player must say they have Bang Bang by and then could choose Peak, which is 3, then the other player has to say their single and its peak, and whoever has the higher peaking song wins in this case. The winner of that round has the next 'call' which means they decide what category to choose and the first call.


    Example Game

    Player 1's single is Just Give Me A Reason by P!nk

    Player 2's single is Give It 2 U by Robin Thicke.

    Players decide to let Player 2 go first. He decides to choose Biggest Fall as the chosen category, in which Give It 2 U's biggest (and only) fall was 14 (86-100). Then Player 1 says what their single's biggest fall is, and in this case Just Give Me A Reason has so far fell as big as 13, in which case Player 2 wins that round, and has the first call for the next round, in which both players are randomly selected different singles.

    If you have any other questions please reply in a comment.

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