• Test your knowledge on song titles, artists and albums. This game involves being randomly chosen different letters and then adjusting them as little as you can to form a song, artist or album title, whether or not it has charted.

    1. Choose the amount of letters you want your title to have. It can be any amount of letters but with a minimum of 4. The more letters you choose, the higher potential score you can have. You can separate the letters up for words anywhere in the phrase after your letters are randomly picked. For example, THEBLACKEYEDPEAS can be separated to THE BLACK EYED PEAS.
    2. For each letter, pick a random number from 1 to 26. The outcome is a letter of the alphabet, where 1 is A and 26 is Z. Do this for all chosen letters.
    3. Now it's the adjusting part. You will most likely end up with a random string of letters which don't resemble any song, artist or album. Some letters may have to be adjusted by the number of positions in the alphabet. The more positions adjusted, the less points you will end up with. Not adjusting a letter means no points are taken away. Not adjusting any letters awards twice the starting score (see further on). For example, changing an X to a T takes 4 points away from your total, and changing an F to an A takes 5 points away. You can also swap the position of a letter in the phrase with another letter, but this move costs you 25 points.

    Starting Score

    The starting score will vary depending on how many letters you have chosen. The calculation works like this: the number of letters times 20. So 4 letters gives a starting score of 80 and a 12 letter phrase has a starting score of 240. If no adjustments are made, providing the phrase is an existing song, artist or album title, the starting score is doubled and that is the total points you end up with for that game.


    Letters chosen: 7 (140 starting points)

    X V P C K Z Y

    Adjusted phrase: OWLCITY

    Changing X to O is 9, V to W is 1, P to L is 4, C is not adjusted so is 0, K to I is 2, T to Z is 6, and Y is not adjusted so is 0. The total points taken away is 22, so 140-22 is 118.

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